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What is the Student Leaders Of Tomorrow Conference?

The Student Leaders of Tomorrow (SLOT) Conference began in 1998 and is held each spring. SLOT is focused on teaching high school delegates leadership on an individual and team-oriented level, and our conference prepares these delegates for their transition into college and the workforce. We aim to leave our delegates empowered and ready to take on any challenges they face beyond our conference.

In 2015, SLOT became a student organization at Texas A&M University. We work all year in preparation for the conference in the spring because we aim to provide a life-changing leadership experience that impacts delegates for years to come.

SLOT is divided into four committees: Finance and Fundraising, Marketing and Logistics, Curriculum and Development, and Service and Operations. Each committee is run by two executives and assisted by facilitators. We are focused on creating an efficient, effective, and low cost conference.

What does it mean to be a Facilitator?

As a facilitator, you will be placed into one of our four committees and will help with tasks that need to be completed before hosting the annual SLOT conference. You, along with another facilitator, will walk through the conference with the high schoolers as a "roundtable leader" to ensure that they have a positive experience. You will be doing activities alongside them that focus on team building and leadership. Becoming a SLOT facilitator is a great way to broaden your horizons, mentor high schoolers, and have an awesome time developing your own leadership skills. 

In Marketing and Logistics: contact high schools to attract delegates, and design conference t-shirt and graphics for social media

In Finance and Fundraising: contact donors, find catering for the conference and plan fundraisers/profit shares

In Curriculum and Development: pick a theme for the conference, get speakers, and prepare games

In Service and Operations: help organize/execute service projects for the organization and the conference

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If you missed our informational, here are the slides!

What does it look like to be a member of SLOT? (College Students)


     Meetings: Every Wednesday night at 7:00pm (Rudder 707)

          Required to attend all meetings unless you have a reasonable


     Fundraisers/Socials: 3 events total

     Conference: April 22, 2023

Dues: $25/semester

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