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Student Leaders of Tomorrow

The Student Leaders of Tomorrow Conference strives to empower young leaders with the skills and values to positively affect their community and the world.


About Us

SLOT Conference is a one-day leadership experience for high school juniors and seniors. SLOT is focused on teaching high school delegates leadership on an individual and team-oriented level, and our conference prepares these delegates for their transition into college and the workforce. We aim to leave our delegates empowered and ready to take on any challenges they face beyond our conference.

Instagram: @tamu.slot


Janki P. (SLOT Alumni)

"What is interesting about SLOT is that it does not tell you what leadership is or how to do it. What it does do is explore our leadership styles through the activities we complete in the teams we are with. It gives us the opportunity to explore our strengths and weaknesses. Above all, it allows us to take the lessons we learned through our personal efforts and give high schoolers the opportunity to do the same in our conferences. That is true growth."

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